Hello everyone,

It is our desire to reach out into our community and help make a difference. It is our hearts’ desire to provide ¬†healthy activities to our children and youth. Well Played is specifically designed for children ages 1-11. This is a clean & safe environment for them.

Well Played is also a proud sponsor of Youth United, a program ran by Iglesia Conexiones specifically designed for youth/children ages 10-29. Youth United is a Sports Program which takes place in the gym at First Baptist Church in Kingsland, Texas, every Sunday from 6pm-9pm. The Gym entrance is located in the back of the church. These are 3 hours of pure fun and interaction with other youth in the local areas. The 3 hours are devided into 50 minute sessions (breaks in between) to allow the youth to play indoor basket ball, volley ball, & soccer ball. There is no charge or hidden fees.

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Bellow you will find links to Websites that could be of help to you.

Alcohol & Drug recovery:

Open Door Recovery


Highland Lakes Pregnancy Resource Center

Food Distribution:

Joseph’s Food Pantry